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Ensign Pulver

Ensign Pulver (1964) IMDb logo

with Robert Walker Jr., Walter Mathau, Burl Ives, Gerald O'Loghland, Peter Marshall, Larry Hagman, Dick Gautier, James Coco, George Lindsey, Millie Perkins, Kay Medford, Tommy Sands, and Al Freeman Jr.

directed by Joshua Logan

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Posted by JEANNEK at 9:57 am (PDT) on Mon August 11, 2014   
NOPE~ The 1st movie, Mr.Roberts,(1955) Henry Fonda played the lead & Jack Lemmon was Ensign Pulver.James Cagney was Capt.(Morton)of the ship & William Powell was the Doc.In the sequel,Ensign Pulver,Robet Walker Jr was the Ensign,Walter Matthau was the Doc & Burl Ives was Capt.Morton.There was no officer similar to Roberts,but Jack Nicholson & Larry Hagman had bit parts.
Posted by Wingslinger at 7:17 pm (PDT) on Tue March 25, 2014   
Absolutely terrible movie.  But I found it funny that jack Lemmon was in "Mr. Roberts" and Walter Matthau was in "Ensign Pulver."

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